A Friendly Reminder That May Is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month! Car And Truck Drivers Please Be More Aware Of Bikers!

The beginning of May marks the beginning of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, a national initiative which hopes to reduce the number of motorcycle accidents in the United States by urging drivers of all motor vehicles to share the road with one another.motorcycle accident lawyers

The latest statistics show that in one year alone, there were just over 4,500 motorcyclist deaths, marking a slight increase from the year before. It is also important to note that more than half of motorcycle riders injured were not wearing helmets. Increased awareness on these matters and more can help to reduce motorcycle injuries and fatalities.

To help spread the word on Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, here are some useful tips which can help keep automobile and truck drivers informed and safety-minded on the road, provided in part by the Traffic Safety Marketing (TSM) organization: If you have any questions for our Odessa Motorcycle Accident Lawyers click here.

Operating a motor vehicle while distracted is one of the single most frequent causes for not-seeing a motorcyclist. Distractions include texting, speaking on a cell phone.

Do to their small size, motorcycles can get lost in blind spots. It is important for drivers of cars and trucks to thoroughly check their mirrors for motorcycles before changing lanes.

Keep in mind that minor obstructions or inconveniences on the road are not so minor to motorcyclists. Gravel, potholes, pavement seams, railroad tracks; all this and more can cause a motorcyclist to change speeds or adjust their position in a lane.motorcycle accident attorn ey

Create at least a three to four second distance between your car and the motorcycle ahead of you. Depending on weather and road conditions, a motorcyclist may need that extra little bit of space.

It is vital for all drivers (not just motorcyclists!) to educate themselves about motorcycle safety. And Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month is a great time to begin that education.